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Juliette's Todo notes

Juliette seems to have something interesting in her Desktop. Let's take a look.

border:1px solid orange;
<td>Configure firewall for port 22 and 445</td>
<td>Not started</td>
<td>Unauthorized access might be possible</td>
<td>Migrate passwords from the Microsoft Store Sticky Notes application to our new password manager</td>
<td>In progress</td>
<td>It stores passwords in plain text</td>
<td>Add new features to password manager</td>
<td>Not started</td>
<td>To get promoted, hopefully lol</td>


Interesting findings

  1. Cleartext passwords are stored in Microsoft Sticky Notes application
  2. There is a new password manager somewhere in the system

Upon further enumeration, it seems like the password manager binary is in Administrator's Desktop. However, we are unable to view what is within it.

Let's start with extracting the passwords from the Sticky Notes application.