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Did not have much exposure to networking prior to this CTF, but I sure gained a lot of knowledge through this! (and I am ready for CS204 next semester)

It was my first time using most of these commands and tools (e.g. nmap, hydra), and I was glad to be able to understand how to use them to tackle the different challenges accordingly.

Note: Gotta thank my dad for using his knowledge to help me with these challenges

TCP Fact (Common)

What was the first network that implemented TCP and IP protocols?

A quick Google search will reveal that ARPANet was the first network to do so.

Flag: flag{ARPANET}

IP Lookup (Common)

Can you find the IP of this domain? Note: Use this domain and IP for all Networking challenges

Running tracert on Command Prompt, we get the following result:


Flag: flag{}

Netting (Common)

Can you give the IP address, subnet class, and default subnet mask to

Using tracert again on Command Prompt, we obtain the IP address of the website:


Searching online, I stumbled upon a particularly useful tutorial (link) which aided me in solving the challenge.

Flag: flag{}

Networking Recon? (Rare)

What web server are they using?

Note: flag{servername_version}

By typing in random parameters after, we get the following page:


Flag: flag{Apache_2.4.41}

ess-que-el Running? (Common)

Where is the ess-que-el Running? Note: flag{port}

I used nmap and chose to scan all possible ports on the server by running this command:

nmap -p-

The following picture was the result of the scan:


The port was number was eventually listed: 5702

Flag: flag{5702}

Can you find outlets (Common)

How many Outlets are unfiltered on this server?

Using the same results as previously obtained in "ess-que-el Running?", we are able to count a total of 14 unfiltered servers.

Flag: flag{14}

Fake Text Protocol (Legendary)

Can you break into this Fake Text Protocol?

The hint given was:

You already know the username from Social Eng challenges

Note: I did not manage to solve this during the challenge, but after doing more research and reading, I managed to solve it.

The username from the social engineering challenges was Spenevank.

I initially used hydra to obtain the password from the rockyou list.

Password: 12345

I then tried to connect to ftp via Windows Command prompt, but it kept consistently timing out.

After the CTF was over, I read about ncrack and decided to use it to connect to the ftp and indeed I managed to get the flag.

Flag: flag{A_Piece_of_Cake_4ks2kd}