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I did not set high expectations for myself when I took part in this CTF, as I wanted to have fun and attempt on some categories which I had never attempted before.

It lasted 2 days spanning over the weekend from 4 June to 6 June, which I felt was enough time for me to improve on my skills.

Through this CTF, it has given me a better understanding of some categories - mainly cryptography, as I managed to solve my first RSA challenge! The challenges also focused on networking category, and I did learn quite a lot about networking from this CTF.

Many thanks to Ying Keat for helping me out for some challenges, especially Web Exploitation and Reverse Engineering!

Scoring System#

Challenges are categorized into different levels:

  • Common - 5 points (Least Difficult)
  • Rare - 25 points
  • Epic - 50 points
  • Legendary - 100 points (Most Difficult)

The hardest category I managed to solve was only up to Epic ๐Ÿ˜


At the end of the competition, it was a real surprise.

Scoreboard: 10th

Top 10 globally!


I will be writing on some challenges which I felt was pretty challenging and did give me a good time trying to crack the challenge.