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I did not set high expectations for myself when I took part in this CTF, as I wanted to have fun and attempt on some categories which I had never attempted before.

It lasted 2 days spanning over the weekend from 4 June to 6 June, which I felt was enough time for me to improve on my skills.

Through this CTF, it has given me a better understanding of some categories - mainly cryptography, as I managed to solve my first RSA challenge! The challenges also focused on networking category, and I did learn quite a lot about networking from this CTF.

Many thanks to Ying Keat for helping me out for some challenges, especially Web Exploitation and Reverse Engineering!

Scoring System

Challenges are categorized into different levels:

  • Common - 5 points (Least Difficult)
  • Rare - 25 points
  • Epic - 50 points
  • Legendary - 100 points (Most Difficult)

The hardest category I managed to solve was only up to Epic 😐


At the end of the competition, it was a real surprise.

Scoreboard: 10th

Top 10 globally!


I will be writing on some challenges which I felt was pretty challenging and did give me a good time trying to crack the challenge.