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Reverse Engineering

Sounds like fun?

Hähnchen (Rare)

This person came up to me and started saying something to me, but I had no idea what he was saying. It was something like, "thahadefat_wahadefas_ehedefegg-traohaodefaordihidefinahadefary"; can you decipher what they said?

Searching Hähnchen in Google, I realised it was "Chicken" in German. And after some Googling, I realised there was actually a German Chicken programming language link.

Looking at the description of the language, it states that:


Hence, using this information and working from behind, we get the flag.

Flag: flag{that_was_egg-traordinary}

!Apple (Epic)

Reverse Eng the !Apple to find the seed.

We are given an .apk file for this challenge - app-debug.apk

Running this on a Java decompiler and scrolling through the directories, I managed to uncover this:


Going to the website, we get this following webpage:


Flag: flag{Droid_Broid_bot}