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Social Engineering

Really hands down the most difficult category of this CTF for me, as I only solved 2 Common challenges. Maybe I should play some Trace Labs' Search Party CTFs to improve my OSINT skills.

Finding Eml (Common)

(CHAINED MISSION: SE1000) We have identified a suspicious organization called Freedom Cluster SE Institute. Help us find the email address of the most active member in their group (flag format).

Initially, I tried searching for 'Freedom Cluster SE Institute' using Google Search Engine, but it yielded no positive results.

I then paused for a while to work on other challenges, before I switched to using Microsoft Bing and got the following result subsequently:


Clicking on the link, I was able to view his email through LinkedIn.


Flag: flag{[email protected]}

Second Pet (Common)

*(SIDE MISSION: SE-110103)*

We have found out that "this person's" current pet is important information to find other members of Freedom Cluster SE Institute's members. Help us find the name.

Running a search on "Spenevank Shyanak" on Microsoft Bing gives us the following result:


Clicking on the second link, we get the following page:


Flag: flag{Puckleberry}